What’s in My Bike Basket? Featuring the Author of The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country, Suzanne Brown


You know when you meet those people you connect with right away and you know they are going to do amazing things? Meet Suzanne Brown, author, dietician, mother – hilarious, warm and friendly, and talented to boot! We are so excited that she decided to share what’s in her basket because we wanted to see her newly released children’s book, The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country. As Suzanne shares in her blog, this book is a labor of love – for her family, and all the people who are going to be making this book a part of their holiday tradition. Without further ado, here’s Suzanne!


Whenever Christmas season comes around, I’m like a little girl again. Filled with anticipation and wonder and pure joy at the happiness around me. So in my basket I have all the delightful items that make me happy.

Crystal Champagne Flutes:

These were a wedding gift. My husband and I have celebrated life’s amazing, poignant, and glorious moments with these for the past 19 years.

My Rubber Chicken

It’s for me. Not our dog. And the man who owned the pet store actually tried to talk me out of buying it! It makes a super hilarious squeaky moan that makes every one in our family giggle.  Has a special place in the kitchen to help relieve tension.

The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country

I wrote this book for our daughter and son. I wanted them to have a Christmas story that reflects our life in the mountains of Colorado. It was just released and is almost sold out! You can visit me at www.sbrownbooks.com for peeks inside.

Celestial Seasonings Decaf Mint Green Tea

Warming in the winter. Refreshing in the summer. And dumping an entire mug on my Mac actually made it run better. (Definitely do NOT try this at home!)


I love to travel! I’ve visited over 17 countries and plan to see the entire world someday!


I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and these keep my family healthy throughout winter.

Not Pictured:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My ultimate favorite treat. And I don’t have any warm, gooey ones. Better go preheat the oven. I’ll save you one.


Special thank you to Suzanne for sharing more about her and best wishes on the continued success of your new book. May it bring joy to children across Colorado this holiday season. And don’t you just love these snowy mountain photos?! Beautiful!

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3 comments on “What’s in My Bike Basket? Featuring the Author of The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country, Suzanne Brown
  1. Alexa says:

    I have read this book and it is absolutely AMAZING! The story is one that always stays in your heart, giving you some joy with a side of snow no matter what, and the pictures are so detailed, bringing out the excellence in Colorado!
    I love what you have in your basket! It is so cool that you have been to so many new places around the world! I also love that even during the exciting book times, you stick with your job! :D Your rubber chicken looks like a great stress-reliever, along with the green tea!
    Also, congratulations on 19 years with your Crystal Champagne Flutes, you husband, and all your happy moments!
    Congratulations on this big accomplishment!

  2. Absolutely LOVE these photos and your Christmas book is fantastic- reading it is one of our new fireplace family traditions!

  3. rochelle2000 says:

    Reading “Christmas in Ski Country” is one of our new fireside, family traditions. We love the story, the illustrations and the Colorado touch! BUT– I must say- I really do love these blog photos– it does bring our your inner child – err chicken– err … maybe elf?! Congratulations- keep on writing!

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