3 Very Cool Things About Bicycle Culture in San Francisco

We all know what Portland, Seattle, and San Fran have in common – great bike cultures. I spent the weekend in San Francisco and made some new discoveries (the Wiggle + Bike the Parks) and confirmed what I already knew (women friendly bike shops do exist!). Here’s a little more about what I think are 3 very cool things about bike culture in San Fran: 

1. Bike Shops Women Will Like

While in the Mission wandering past one lovely boutique after another (and a few bakeries in between) – we found what we came for. We headed into Mission Bicycle Company – where of course I fell in love with a Yakkay helmet (style + safety!) – it’s very much on my Want List now. We had the opportunity to meet Jefferson McCarley, the General Manager. He was very interested in sharing that Mission is definitely a great destination shop for women and we agree! Be sure to visit them, you’ll be glad you did. 

PS. Bikestyle.com also does a great job of covering bike helmets – they even feature the cool Yakkay on my list!


We headed over to check out Huckleberry Bicycles and liked what we experienced. Welcoming team members (women even!), a well curated collection of cycling related apparel and bike accessories, and of course bicycles women will like! Check out Velojoy’s review of their shop for more 411. 



2. The Wiggle

Head out to Golden Gate Park from Market Street on the Wiggle and you can zig and zag around the hills to minimize those crazy rides up! Coming from a relatively flat city – the hills were definitely intimidating to me, but I’m ready to give the Wiggle a go on the next visit. Golden Gate park, here I come.



3. Bike the Parks 

Grab a bike at one park, leave it at another! Parkwide is a unique collaboration with the San Francisco City Parks that just launched this past year. With 5 parks and your choice of a comfort bike to a 4 person surrey, the city just got more accessible!


What else do you find cool about San Francisco? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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